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Topic: Right in our own back yard!!

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    Default Re: Right in our own back yard!!

    Dude I hope they get Caught and Burn in a Pit of Leaves...

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    Default Re: Right in our own back yard!!

    I didn't know your bike was stolen! F-U-C-KIN THIEVES!

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    Default Re: Right in our own back yard!!

    My friend leaves his bike outside of his house an no one touches it. Everyone knows who he is.. Long Time ago my friend got his pedal bike stolen an he was 3 degree black belt an we saw the bike an he was with 4 of his friends at Safeway he walked up an got his bike an they came out an he tore the shit out of all 4 of them I just watched An laughed . The cops came an took the kids to jail all beat up..

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    ^ good. Thieves deserve an epic ass beating.
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    Default Re: Right in our own back yard!!

    Sucks that the bike got stolen. It doesn't take long to steal a bike, even locked. I will never understand how people can leave a bike outside and not have it chained to something that cannot be removed without having some sort of demo tools handy.

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